Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote in ljfoaf,
Chris Schmidt

Expansion of FOAF support

What data would you like to see included in the FOAF spec next? What should or could LiveJournal support, what additions could be made, what else woudl fit into our data set?

This entry is for bringing up these suggestions. With the huge number of RDF resources on the web, there's a giant map of possibilities that could be searched for and used to describe LiveJournal users - the ones included are just a start.

Leave comments here for expansions you'd like to see for LiveJournal's FOAF support. Supporting your arguments with links so I can understand what you're going to use it for is good - as the original and main coder of LiveJournal FOAF, I'm going to be the one making the changes, most likely.

Convince me. What information do we need next?

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